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Biden vows to repair global alliances

January 22, 2021. Joe Biden has promised to re-establish global alliances in his first speech as U.S. President.

Loans For New Business – Helping You Start a Business

To start a new business may open many different doors to new opportunities and fulfillment of dreams. However, many new businesses, despite their best intentions, always small businesses and simply do not have the financing needed to get them up and running. Whatever...

Wristband lets others know your mood

January 20, 2021. A new wearable device can let other people know your mood.

Tennis stars enter Australia ahead of stranded citizens

January 18, 2021. Australian citizens are angered at the sight of preferential treatment being given to tennis stars.

Paris’ Champs-Elysees to be ‘extraordinary garden’

January 16, 2021. The mayor of Paris wants to turn the Champs-Elysees avenue into an "extraordinary garden".

Free dumplings for motorists stranded in snow

January 14, 2021. A restaurant manager delivered hundreds of dumplings to snowbound drivers.

Harry and Meghan to quit social media

January 12, 2021. Reporters are saying the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have abandoned social media.

Identical twins are not so identical

January 10, 2021. A new study shows that while identical twins can look perfectly alike, it is not a perfect similarity.

Taxi driver offers free rides for singing karaoke

January 08, 2021. A taxi driver in Taiwan is offering free rides in exchange for singing a karaoke song.

Man crosses rough sea on jet ski for love

January 06, 2021. A British man who broke lockdown rules to be with his girlfriend has spoken to newspapers.